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Solutions For Holding Money Safely


“I need to be able to get at my money if I need it”




I was meeting with a client recently who owns a very successful business.  He is holding a lot of money in banks right now but is very concerned about the banking industry.  He is convinced keeping this much money in the banking industry is a bad idea.


“Kerry, I need to find a safe place to hold some of my money to get my bank balances down.  Besides that, CD’s are paying nothing.  I’m very concerned about the safety of the banks with all that is going on in the world”.  I answered, “If you look back in history, when the bank holiday and depression occurred, the people that came out of that time the best had placed their cash in financial products with the top rated mutual life insurance companies of the day before these events occurred.  There is a strategy that involves positioning cash with a mutual insurance company for growth and income that is not income taxable, is accessible without penalty and has unlimited contribution amounts.  I suggest holding it personally and loaning it to your business when it needs capital.”  


After completing the design analysis, we implemented a strategy involving contributions of $50,000/yr. for 8 years to establish a liquid account for the business with the insurance company that grows without being subject to taxation and establishes a retirement income for him that is income tax free.  


“There are 2 systems for holding money, one for the informed and one for the uninformed”.  May we help you?



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