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Solutions For Growing Money Safely


“Too good to be true”


“Sarah” had $269,000 in a bank account that they needed to put to work growing in an account that they would use 10 years from now.  After reviewing numerous options we decided to look a unique direction.


Sarah informed me that she didn’t want to expose this much money to loss in the stock market, and she couldn’t believe bank CD’s were paying such low interest.  


“Why haven’t I ever heard of these accounts?  The idea that I can deposit this money, have the annual gains locked in with no stock market risk and not pay taxes on the gains until I start withdrawing money seems too good to be true”.


Well, it isn’t too good to be true.  This account was opened 7 years ago with $269,000 and is worth $468,000 today.  If the stock market goes down, this account is protected against any stock market loss, guaranteed.


There are 2 worlds for investing, one for the informed and one for the uninformed

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