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Solutions for Employee Accountability 


“You are right, there is no accountability right now”




My client and friend “Bob” and I were having a conversation on his deck during an annual review.  He was very frustrated with the lack of work being produced by some of his employees.  


“You are right, Kerry, there is no process creating accountability right now.  I don’t know how to create this even though I own and run this extremely successful firm.”  


“Well “Bob”, what you need is a written “BOM” or Business Ownership Manual” This consulting engagement involves me asking you operational questions about your business, and never involves me telling you how to run your business.  This process will include developing compensation models that reward the producers and eliminate the others.  Once this is done, I will mentor the management team on how to run individual accountability meetings and I am confident this will change your culture to one of productivity.”


Bob engaged my services.  We developed a “BOM” for his business creating a culture of accountability, rewarding its key people, growing revenue resulting in fewer headaches for “Bob.


“There are 2 types of businesses, those with and those without systems for employee accountability.  May we help you?”



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