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Solutions for reducing Capital Gains Taxes







“Selling my business is the biggest pay day of my life!  I have been paying income taxes all my life and now I am faced with a $2M tax bill when I sell my business?!?!?!?  NO WAY!?!?!?!”


You might be facing the same situation.  I had just started working with “Barry” and learned that he had a written offer to purchase his business (great news) and was facing a huge tax bill if the deal closed (awful news).  I commented that it might be a better deal for him if this sale fell apart.  As it turned out, it did fall apart and we were able to complete a comprehensive estate plan involving a new entity, promissory note, gifts and 2 new trusts that eliminated this tax bill and his estate tax.  A tax savings of more than $7,000,000!  


Within a year another buyer came along and purchased the business for the same price as the previous offer.


There are 2 tax systems, one for the informed and one for the uninformed.  May we help you? 





“What do you mean I will owe around $2,000,000 in taxes when I sell?”

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